The Process

You may be wondering what it is like to hire a freelance writer. Though at first it may seem like a hassle to communicate all of your needs and make sure your writer is on the same page, a good relationship with a reliable freelance writer can make a world of difference in your business. When you find someone whose writing style melds with your ideas, you have the potential for a gold mine. It can be so enjoyable to work with someone who knows what to write, how to present your business ideas, and most importantly, how to be effective at improving your business.

The Process

When you hire me to write for you, I will ask you some questions to get started, such as:

  • Writing topic – your site’s theme, your business type, etc.
  • Type of writing – blog, articles, newsletter, etc.
  • Word count for each piece – I can help you determine this if you are unsure
  • Amount or frequency of work – 12 articles, 2 weekly blog posts, one file edit…
  • Who will provide the topics for each article/blog – you or me

This information helps me to determine scheduling requirements to make sure I have ample time to dedicate to your project.

The minimum order for my writing services is $50, paid in advance, with any additional work being billed weekly through PayPal. I will send an invoice after the project is finished, or on Mondays for work completed the previous week. These invoices are due upon receipt.

Turnaround Time
I will always keep you notified of my current schedule. Communication is key to ensuring your needs are met with a realistic time frame. For small projects, you can usually expect a turnaround of less than a week. I will let you know a more specific estimate on a per-project basis.

Revision Requests
My ultimate goal is to provide you with content you are completely satisfied with. After all, you have many choices when it comes to freelance writers, and I would rather you spend your money with me than elsewhere. 🙂 For each article, post or other written work, I will provide one revision to ensure the content is exactly what you are looking for. As long as both parties have open communication with each other, there should never be any reason to need further revisions.

Overall, I do my best to be easy to work with, low maintenance and intuitive when it comes to accommodating my customer’s needs. I am happy to work with you as much as it takes to get on the same track, learn your particular business, and create content that improves your website and expands your business.