I am a very happy HostGator client.  I use them to host more than half a dozen websites, and I have been very pleased with the service, uptime and support availability.  Because of my personal experience with them, they are the host I recommend when my clients are ready to start a new site.

I am so confident in HostGator that I offer a free setup to help you get started when you sign up through me.  I will provide you with a free hour of work to set your website up.  If you are using WordPress on your HostGator hosted website, I can have the entire site up and ready to go within that hour.  WordPress is a free content management system (aka blog) that is amazingly versatile.  I personally use WordPress with HostGator for:

  • e-commerce
  • Blogging
  • My portfolio
  • Adsense income sites
  • My farm website

Because you add plugins to customize your site, you can do virtually anything with WordPress, and do it well.  Paired with HostGator, you can have unlimited websites on WordPress for about $10 per month.  HostGator’s stability, 24/7 support and quick load times, at such a great price, make it the best hosting solution you can find, in my opinion.

If you are ready to start a new site, sign up through the link below and contact me to get started with free setup.