I have been writing for more than 20 years, beginning with poetry and fiction, moving on to creating content for my own e-commerce and creative websites, and now focusing on freelance web content, blog writing and ghostwriting.  I love putting my analytical skills to use in researching a wide variety of topics including business, health, law and environment.

I was born and raised in a small Washington town, and I live there today with my husband and three small children.

My interests, and thus my expert topics, are things that most families deal with such as frugal living, parenting and green living.  We live on a small farm raising various animals for food and companionship, so I have many insights into holistic animal care, organic gardening, sustainability and food storage/survival prep.

I’m writing because it is my passion and it is a means to the life I want to live – one that is filled with family and personal achievement.  I have always loved to write and being able to do it full time is immensely satisfying.  I often have a hard time turning off and putting work aside for family time – I get that involved in what I am doing.

Whether I’m writing the fifth rewrite of “Ways to Treat Anxiety” or a 7,000 word in-depth guide to all things linoleum, I put my everything into each word.  I write, proofread, and proofread again to make sure each piece is something I would be proud to show a prospective client.  You can be sure you will get my best effort.  Every time.